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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to open an ENGRADE account

How to open an ENGRADE account

  1. Open you invitation from your teacher.
  2. Click the URL send by the ENGRADE.

3. Write the Username and password. These can be seen from the email.

4. Then click submit button.
5. If you like to change the password you may change it like this.

6. Click on your section

7. Drag your mouse on more button, then chose quiz

8. Click your title quiz.

9. Start the quiz by just clicking the start quiz button.

10. Click on your chosen letter, be sure that the letter is highlighted. Then click next button

11. Click on submit. But if you have doubt click on check answer before submit.

12. Your score will appear after submitting it.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Oil price increase in the Philippines

It is very surprising that oil price in the Philippines bubble up. The answer of this problem can be solve by studying the way of norways in handling the oil price increase as you can see Norway have low price in 2006 and 2008. This means that there government make an action in the increase of oil price in the international market. The Philippine Government have to study this matter to build a new trend of pricing in the market. I published this article because it is always surprising that in every increase in oil price there is a problem in everything. To the president of the Philippines you have to check the stocks of oil, the delivery and the demands of your country.
I think the supply and demands of the country is not a problem but only the big three. Another one is use solar energy if you want to save some money. You just need to invest but this is for the long period of time.
There are lots of study in America that you can save much money if you use solar energy. Hope this will help the Philippines.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oil 70 per barrel

It is very notable that the price of oil in the international market was dramatically decrease but as you can see the oil companies were very quite in giving information. This is because the oil company does not want to return the money from the people. This has to be ended and in this regards may I request the Philippine Government to look into the alternative electric power supply like wind mill and solar panel. Our country is one of the supplier of solar panel but many of the filipinos doesnt know the importance of this and on how they can save money from it.

May I suggest that the Philippine govern office must switch to solar panel instead of MERALCO so that the country can save money. In this regards, you can contact the DLSU Taft for the details of the budget in solar panel it will be cheaper if we used this and the MERALCO will give cheap price if this is introduce to the Philippines. And another thing invite a competitors for electric supply.

To the media please introduce the solar panel to the Filipinos so that they can save money.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Physical Science

Physical Science is a branch of science which deals primarily with non-living things.

Subdivisions of Physical Science are:
1. Astronomy is the study of heavenly body.
2. Chemistry is the study of the composition of substances and the changes they undergo.
3. Geology deals with the study of the earth crust.
4. Meteorology deals with the study of weather and climate.
5. Oceanology deals with study of ocean.
6. Physics deals with the study of matter and energy and its interaction.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Inspirational NEWS

One of the most unbforgetable NEWS that I ever heard was the story of Chris Shaw. He won a $258 million. This guy was just an ordinary man with a simple life and ver normal life style. I am so happy to heard that he still humbel and kind. The simplicity fo this guy struck my heart that we have to be humble and down to earth.

Another thing of this guy reminds me my old friends in Rodriguez Rizal. My friend are very simple we just eat Lucky Me noddle, fried talo (eggplant) and tuyo (dried fish) when gathering someone place. Justs imple as that and that about everything and watching some movies.

Anyway I we all see the goodness of God when reading the message of this guy. And you know I remeber the message of Eintein "God choose simplicity". So friends let's be simple.....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The ISCAG Land Mark

The ISCAG Land mark is now on going for
the recognition of the community in whole
world specially for the google earth search.
Hello everybody I post this picture so that you can see the new development in ISCAG Phillippines. Soon this cresent will be on top so before that happen I see to it that I had a shot. Some of my friend are here in my post.
ISCAG Philippines is now my Islamic community. I enjoy the people here they are very smart and studious. Most of the people here in ISCAG are hardworking. All of the people living in ISCAG are very cooperative and kind. They often support all the activity of the community. What I like them most are, (1)they are very knowledgeable in Arabic, Quran and Hadith, (2) They are very friendly, and lastly they recognise the new comers because they know each others well.
Bro Ihdris is one of my classmate in Arabic class and Arabic pronunciation in ISCAG Philippines.
Bro. Ibrahim Quiamzon

Bro Solis and bro Alinor at the cresent.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Solar Wind And Solar Activity

It can be glean in the picture that there are holes which are associated with open field lines that allow for a continuous outflow of solar wind particles. These holes are called coronal holes. Coronal Holes are solar features that appears as large dark holes when the usn is viewed in x-ray wavelengths.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Van Allen Radiation Belts

The inner radiation belt consists of trapped rotons with energies in the range 10-100 million electron volts. It is located on field lines crossing the equator at 1.5 RE (where 1 RE = 6370KM : RE is the earth radius)

The outer radiation belt consist of trapped populations of ions and electrons having energies of up to 1 million electron volts at high energy part. The bulk of the population has lower energies of up to 65 kilo electron vlots. The ion populations are identified as ring current plasma. Field lines crossing the equator at 2.5 minus 8RE described the outer belt.

The fundamental property of magnetic field is that they have the ability to trapped charged particles to move back and forth in a spiraling motion along the field line. The points at which the particles are refelcted back are called minor points

Big three Oil company, Big Lie, Big Earners

It is a big lie that oil company does earned from the distribution of oil. To tell you frankly the oil company earned double with their investment you can compare their price on the international market and even the actual price per drum.

The one hundred percent return from the investment is a very good earning if they need much more this means a failure but as you can see on the flow they still earn.

One of the big question here is

Do they give appropriate price return when the international market dropped the price? If your going to checked their earnings when their is a dropped it is not that okay. Their earnings are very high because the price is not immediately dropped.

If they are following the international price market then department of energy have to monitored the stocks of the BIG THREE per month because this is not in human.
I am calling the attention of the Department of energy here in the Philippines and in other country because this oil company manipulate the country and they earned to much.

Note: If you want to own a business manage an OIL COMPANY because they double their money. The proof of computation was already presented on this site.

In this manner lets thing of an alternative automotive engine.

Readers, I want to inform you that here in the Philippines there is one inventor who created a car using water as alternative fuel and it does not affect the nature. The inventor was featured in TV at GMA 7 so for those interested just as the GMA7 for that coverage.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Questionable Fuel Cost in the Philippine Peso!!!

How come that the price of Gasoline in the Philippine were that high?
I am just wondering why the oil company, prices the gasoilne at that high. Imagine the price per drum of gasoilne is $ 80 only.

Based on my computation the gasoline per liter were approxiamtely 0.3846 or 39 dollar cent per liter. The computation was done using the scale 1 drum is equal to 55 gallons, then 1 gallon is equal to 3.788 liter and lastly I divide the 80 dollar to 208 liter.

As you notice the actual price of gasoline per liter is 39 cents only then sold at the market at very high. Meaning the oil company earned a lot from this business because they earned to much.

Here are the approximate prices in the Philippines (retrieved 10/24/2009)

If we are going to convert the 39 dollar cents to peso it is approximately =P=18.3456 ($1 = 47.04)

Look at the difference =P= 30 market price in philippine setting then in international market it is =P18.3456. The difference were very questionable.

The big question here :

1. Are they paying to much tax per liter,

2. How much freight per liter do they pay?

There earnings were very high. In this case may I call the attention of the department of energy (Angelo Reyes). Please checked the earnings of the oil company owners because they earned to much.

I know that the price in international market gets high. But it is not right to earned twice in time of tragedy. In this regards may I call every filipino to check the gasoline price history of the Philippines. Anyway after this post I will checked every details of the gasoline price of the Philippines.

I hope the department of energy do something about this. Please checked their earnings per liter and the price on the stock market.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Education a key for recession

United States of America credibility failed because of several factors. One of the remarkable factor was the illiterate on Financial statement. This was published in Yahoo NEWS. This implies that the country has very poor educational system (Especially in Accountancy). The country has to do lots of effort to rebuild their reputation on this part.

Another remarkable thing that happened was American failed to dream because the impossible on their area was transfer to other country. Like the cutting of atom, satelittes are created, nuclear missiles was done in several countries and etc. Ideas were stop to flow, meaning no inventions were created, no new trends and no new concepts were created and etc.

Rebuilding new trends and ideas can be done if people starts to educated themselves.

Note: Most of American now are not that focused on education. This is because of their superiority complex. Most of them think that minority will do their task and they are just their to manage so the things that they have to learned were passed to minority and then minority will passed it to their new company in which some of it were in EUROPIAN or ASIAN country.

I this maner I remember my primary and secondary schooling.

When I was in primary grade, I asked myself why USA rank education as their first level of priority not food or shelter. This puzzled was answered when I was in secondary. I learned that USA is rich country and people were dreaming to be on that place. Another thing that I like in USA before were many of invention were published.

The very alarming was students in United States were not doing their homework by their own but through the internet. They can just asked help from the ghost writer and wahlah they have it for just a simple seconds or even days.

Another thing was some of the scientist(not all) all over the world were asking help from a ghost writer. I say this because I am ghost writer before. This is very alarming because even the fireman, police, programmer, tecaher asked help to a ghost writer.

Generally speaking education were weak because of too much internet usage. Education have to be strengthen. Homeworks should not be impost at this time at home but in school as well. Teacher in Unted States of America have to work hard today and specially the teachers of accountancy, commerce, management and psychology. I say this subject because most of our cliente in freelance writing were from this course by the way before I forgot the law is also included specially in harvard and oxford university.

The recession is still at hand. I know that it will not accomplished in just one night but it can be done thorugh smooth sailing. Building a new credibility was not that easy but if education will stand again in USA people will then look for USA not on other country. I love USA but of course I love Philippines.

To President Obama I know you are familiar with the list of USA president please checked all the presidents performance in terms of economics.
You will see the father and sons failure of economics and you will see the successful president ask them on how they do the tricks to uplift your country.

To Scientist focused on space between time, and inertia.

To CEO review your basic accounting.

To my educators, let do some twist to illiminate the lazy student.

To my readers, thank you for reading but it is up to us to build our Nation. Let's educate our self and let your ideas flow and spread to the line of communication. Share your ideas and let it expand. Who knows you can the the future Einstein...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Environmental Imbalance

One of the most simple decor in our surrounding is plant. I know that most of the people now a day were thinking of trees and plants because of the tragedy happened in the Philippines and in other countries but you know if you plant too much trees and plants it will also imbalance the eco-system.
I just want to inform everybody that you should know that plants and trees can trapped 50% of radiation coming from the sun and 50% will reflected on outer space. I am not going to broaden this topics because I am not that knowledgeable on radiation but this is concepts can be read in Science and Technology I by Lilia Rabago (Green book edition).

I also read some article from the internet that trees added global warm to the planet Earth. Global warming is now a big issue all over the world.

In this connection I just want to inform everybody that we need to work hard to balance the eco system. Global warming happens because of environmental imbalance.

Example of imbalance:
1. In Baquio instead of planting fruit trees, people plant grass berries. Most of the place were scaterred with grass (cabage,strawberries, kentuky beans, and etc).

2. Watershed were minimized due to houses on different places espcially near lakes and rivers. (Big increase of concrete places )

3. Too much population in a certain area. (Control the population in every places)

4. Water area were converted to land area (It is against the law of nature because it will not return to its position)



Friday, October 16, 2009

How do matter related to energy?

Basically every students are familiar with the definition of matter and energy. (Matter is anything that occupies space and has weight while energy is defined as the ability to do work.) But how does not familiar on how matter and energy related to one another. Though matter and energy and its interaction was called Physics. It is still puzzled. In this regards let me discussed this matter...

To start with let me remind you the formula which was fromulated by my favorite scientist Einstein. He state energy is the product of mass and squared of the speed of light. Every matter has its own mass. This is because proton and electron has constant mass value. And every matter has proton and electron so there is energy in every matter. In addition to this energy can observed through stationary position or moving position. This means that everything on earth has energy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pollution in Manila

In 1977 the Environmental Management Burea declared that there were 1350 manufacturing and industrial firms, 65% of it were potential sources of air pollution. It is then projected that it will increase in the next period and we are now on 2009 so meaning to say the 65% might be 80 to 90% air polluion in Metro Manila. This means that Metro Manila was the most polluted area in the Philippine.

Aside from manufacturing and industrial firm another factors that greatly contribute to our air pollution was the motor vehicles. 45% registered vehicle approximately can be found in Metro Manila. This means that 55% were scatered all over the country meaning the numbers of vehicles in Manila were very high so it contributes to air pollution.

The GMA TV anchor (Unang Hirit) makes a test on air pollution in around in Metro Manila. They found out that the place around Manila was very polluted.

There was also an air pollution test done in Quezon City. The researcher make used of filter to identify the air pollutant in Quezon city. It reveals that there were particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury and etc around the places. By the way the filter was place above the roof top of a certain building the building was not mention.In addition to this smoke belching were also a main factor of great contributors of the air pollutants.

Vehicle can produced 99% carbon monoxide and 83% nitorgen oxide which were very dangerous to human being. The number of the smoke belching were dramtically increased in every part of the country. Though there is a republic act for air pollution in the Philippines but it is not implemented.

Implementations of the so called "clean air act" is a good plan by the senate but still a dream. I hope this will lead my country men clean the air by simplying no smoke belching policy by their own self

So for those who have cars reading this article clean your cars pipe to avoide smoke belching.

Thank you and let's clean our air.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My most unforgetable experience in Manila

Manila is the most beautiful place in the Philippines. Living in Manila is quite expensive but a lots of job opportunities are open. Most of the People in Manila are educated and competitive because most of the highly qualified Filipinos inspired to be at that place. If you want to leave in Manila be sure you know how to compete because it is a big arena of competition, and challenges. In short you will enter in the battle field aside from your educational qualifications and skills you should know how to maneuver the people around you or else they will put you on trash. Be carful with the people you will meet in Manila because they can used you. Anyway there are still good guys in Manila but ofcourse you need to be keen in choosing friends. (Manila is the battle field).

Though it is a battle field I appreciate beautiful places in Manila like Luneta and the Post Office. Here are some of my pictures in Manila. This is before entering the Post Office.

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